Netgear's New PLW1000 Provides WiFi Connections Anywhere Via Powerline

WiFi is almost ubiquitous in this day and age. Almost. Sometimes, there are environments where WiFi is obstructed. On the other hand, a wired connection can only go so far (in most cases, as far as your Ethernet cable). On the rare occasion where these common connections fail, a powerline solution may go a long way; to the other end of your home, in fact. However, the best case scenario would be a networking solution that has it all.

At CES, Netgear announced the availability of the PLW1000 PowerLINE WiFi 1000 Adapter Kit, consisting of an adapter and access point that can provide WiFi coverage anywhere through a powerline connection.

Netgear PLW1000Netgear PLW1000Powerline adapters work via sending data over your home's power grid. Two or more adapters are connected via a wall outlet, sending data back and forth to each other through the powerline. Powerline kits bypass the limitations of both wireless and wired connections. For example, what if you wanted to connect your wireless devices to your WiFi network, but your home is built out of solid concrete? Good luck getting any coverage, even if your router was in the next room over. Drilling holes just so you can route wires for access points would prove problematic. Luckily, Netgear's PLW1000 offers the best of both worlds.

The PLW1000 provides the functionality of a powerline adapter. It features an easy PnP setup; simply connect the adapter to an outlet and route a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection to the Ethernet port. Gigabit Ethernet speeds are sent to its access point counterpart over the powerline. The PLW1000's access point typically offers coverage of up to 500 square meters. LED indicators illustrate which outlet provides the optimal amount of performance. Establishing and securing network connections is as simple as pressing a button. The access point's two external antennas are capable of providing reliable speeds to wireless devices gaming online and streaming 4K content.

Netgear's PLW1000 PowerLINE WiFi 1000 Adapter Kit is available now for $119.99 at major online retailers and in physical stores.

Alexander Quejado is an Associate Contributing Writer for Tom’s Hardware and Tom’s IT Pro. Follow Alexander Quejado on Twitter. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, RSS, Twitter and YouTube.

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  • dotaloc
    These are not new. Convenient products, though.
  • houstonserenity
    When I was a field Tech, these devices were the root cause of multiple network connectivity issues. Spend the money and have your house/business wired with RJ 45...
  • tylor3387
    When I was a field Tech, these devices were the root cause of multiple network connectivity issues. Spend the money and have your house/business wired with RJ 45...

    I don't know why people are down voting you, my experience on an ISP help desk was the same. If your device doesn't move (think gaming systems and TV's) it should have a cable run to it. If you are having wifi issues in one area of the house, get an access point that is fed with actual gigabit Ethernet. I don't know about cable companies, but most telcos will run you new Cat5e or Cat6 for about the same cost as one of these power line kits.