Today’s Newegg Shuffle Is All RTX 3080 Tis

RTX 3080 Ti Models in Newegg Shuffle
(Image credit: Newegg)

Today’s Newegg shuffle is actually worth paying attention to, since it’s all RTX 3080 Ti cards, three of which match the Founders Edition’s $1,199 MSRP. In a sea of sold out signs and gray "add to cart" buttons, even the minimal chance of winning a Newegg Shuffle actually starts to look enticing.

All of today’s picks are from third party manufacturers, ranging from Gigabyte to EVGA to Asus to Zotac. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. We’ve only reviewed Nvidia’s own GeForce RTX 3080 Ti so far, but in our review, we said “Anyone still hoping to pick up a 3080 Ti should also opt for a third party card with higher factory clocks and a beefier cooler.” That’s because, in our testing, the RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition tended to run a bit hot with higher fan speeds than previous 30-series Founders Edition cards — no surprise considering it's the same cooler as the 3080, but now with a higher TDP and two more GDDR6X modules.

Luckily, all of today’s cards have three fans each, including the ones that match the FE’s MSRP. Specifically, here’s what you can get today:

For most people, even $1,199 will be too expensive, but that's just the starting price. In a world of perpetually sold out GPUs, prices have skyrocketed. There's a $200 gap between the three MSRP-level cards and the next costom card, the EVGA FTW3. Zotac's AMP Holo meanwhile kicks reason to the curb and sports a $1,799 price tag. At that point, you should be getting a custom RTX 3090 with twice the memory.

Today’s Newegg Shuffle is active for just over 2 more hours. If you’re not aware of how the Newegg Shuffle works, it uses a lottery format. Just select the component(s) you'd like to potentially buy. Then Newegg will hold a drawing later today, after which the 'winners' will be notified by email with the chance to purchase an item (only one) within a several-hour period.

For other ways to get hard-to-find graphics cards, check out our RTX 3080 stock tracker and our feature on where to buy RTX 30-series cards. And for more Newegg savings, visit out page of Newegg promo codes.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • dennphill
    Lousy shuffle. I guess if you want +$1000 GPUs this is right up your lane. i am still waiting for NewEgg to put a simple 3060 ot even t 3060 Ti or a 3070 alone...and for near original MSRPO. they ought to be shamed of themselves...turning simple builders like me off totally. Totally!
  • dennphill
    ...and I'll be damned if I ever buy from NewEgg again.
  • spongiemaster
    While many items are experiencing shortages since COVID hit the scene, one thing that has seen an incredible surge in abundance is salt. Unbelievable how salty so many people have become.