Galaxy Nexus Won't Get Android 4.4 KitKat

Today was a good day for Android fans. Unfortunately, those of you with a Galaxy Nexus can kiss your KitKat flavored dreams goodbye. Google has confirmed that the less than two-year-old phone won't be getting Android 4.4.

Engadget points to Google's Nexus support pages, which state that the Galaxy Nexus won't be getting the newest breed of Android. Oddly enough, this isn't just a case of the Galaxy Nexus's name being left off the list of devices that will receive the update. Instead, Google goes out of its way to single out the Galaxy Nexus.

Google, as far as we can tell, doesn't have minimum hardware requirements for Android 4.4. Even so, the company made a big deal about the fact that KitKat can run comfortably on 512 MB of RAM and the Galaxy Nexus has twice that. Of course, you could always get around this sad fact by rooting your device and running a custom Android 4.4 ROM. If you don't want to do that and desperately want KitKat, there isn't much you can do beyond buying a new phone. Unless you want KitKats of the chocolate variety. You can still buy those, no matter what phone you have. You could probably get a great deal on them tomorrow, too.

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  • jdog2pt0
    It's funny, I just purchased that phone the other day. I'm not worried though, given enough time the big players, CWM, AOKP, Paranoid Android, etc will make a 4.4 release, and we'll get it.
  • teh_chem
    Well, that's okay, 4.4 is supposedly centered around video-delivery vs. adding anything functional.
  • house70
    It's better like this, honestly, I wouldn't want a crippled 4.4 update (only in name, not in features), the kind Apple gives it's older iPhones (they change the name, but cripple the actual OS features).
    Besides, there will be more 4.4-based ROMs out there than you could shake a stick at (sic!).
  • Verrin
    The Nexus phones are at least some of the best supported phones by third party ROMs, so I'm certainly not worried. She's not out to pasture just yet.
  • alextheblue
    For those just joining us, a quick recap of the first four posts:

    "It's Google, so I'm giving them a pass."
  • the1kingbob
    I agree, I had a Nexus S 4g and I stopped getting updates at 4.2 (or 4.1 I can't remember) even though the updates didn't really require anything more on the hardware side (the ROM community provide this with some great releases). I really don't understand why they didn't allow the update then, just like how I don't understand why the galaxy nexus isn't getting the update now. If Google plans on dropping support for phones after 2 years then they should come out and say it. It is very confusing for consumers to hear about how awesomely efficient the new platform will be, how it will run on more phones than the previous version (4.3), and then stop support phones that run the more hardware hungry version. Shame on Google... I just hope my N4 gets updates until at least this time 2015.
  • ikefu
    I guess its time to trade mine in for the LG G2 which looks pretty sweet. I'd go with a Nexus 5 but unfortunately Verizon screwed up and is the only carrier that will probably never get a nexus again. Boo.
  • Bill Reinhardt
    I'm still perfectly happy with my Gnex. Currently running Cyanogenmod and have no real reason to upgrade (especially since I still have Verizon unlimited data, its basically contraband now). I want to fight the good fight and keep unlimited data for as long as i can!
  • ninjustin
    I'm a little dismayed about this from a security perspective but Google seems to be releasing so many of their apps via the play store. I think the new launcher and hangouts will make me happy until CM has an update.
  • g00fysmiley
    using a galaxy nexus myself, this dissappoints me a litte... though since I already rooted it when sprint did not push the upgrade for 4.3 its less of a big deal to me as i will install 4.4 soon as i can get the files to do so. makes me wary abotu buying another nexus device though I was going to buy the nexus 5 in a few months not i probably won't, i blamed sprint for not updating my nexus to 4.3 which they released the update for but sprint and verizon did not push it to customers this time though it is a fault of google and the nexus line, oh well, i wanted a larger water resistant phone anyway and the sony z1 ultra looks good