Noctua Points to Intel's Alder Lake Availability Timeframe

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Earlier this year Noctua said that it would supply owners of its existing coolers mounting kits for Intel's upcoming codenamed Alder Lake processors in LGA1700 packaging free of charge. This week the company reaffirmed its commitment and said that its mounting kits would be available in mid-October. Indirectly, Noctua may have revealed the availability timeframe of Intel's next-generation CPUs for desktops. 

Noctua's LGA1700 mounting kits will enable owners to use most of the company's coolers with Intel's upcoming 12th Generation Core CPUs. The company says that even coolers released in 2005 can be upgraded. What is perhaps more interesting is when Noctua's kits will ship. According to Noctua, the kits will be available on Amazon starting in mid-October for a suggested service charge of $7.90/€7.90. 

It is evident that it does not make any sense for Noctua to start selling mounting kits or coolers before appropriate CPUs and motherboards are available. Therefore, it looks highly probable that Intel's Alder Lake CPUs for desktops will be available by mid-October. 

In a bid to get Noctua's NM-i17xx-MP83 and NM-i17xx-MP78 SecuFirm2 LGA1700 mounting kits for free, owners of Noctua's existing coolers with both 83 and 78mm mounting pitches will have to apply to the company and provide a proof of purchase of both an eligible Noctua CPU cooler and either an LGA1700 CPU or an LGA1700 motherboard. Owners of all-black coolers will be offered black mounting kits.

(Image credit: Noctua)

In addition to releasing mounting upgrade kits, Noctua is also in process of equipping some of its modern coolers with appropriate mounting mechanisms to make them compatible with Intel's 12th Generation Core 'Alder Lake' processors for desktops.  

Also, Noctua is prepping versions of its NH-L9i-17xx and NH-L9i-17xx coolers for LGA1700 platforms and plans to start selling them sometimes in October. Due to severe compatibility restrictions, it is impossible to upgrade the NH-L9i series coolers using an aftermarket kit. 

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  • KipTon
    I wonder what the process would be to reach out and receive one come time. I have the NH-D15 and absolutely plan to build a new system when the Alder chips come out (assuming they aren't priced inflated).