Nvidia Releases GeForce 8800 GT Upgrade Kit For Mac Pro

Nvidia has released a GeForce 8800 GT upgrade kit for the Apple MacBook Pro, priced at $279.

The Mac Pro originally shipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 back in 2006. In mid-2007 the Pro was updated and shipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT in 128 MB or 256 MB flavours; and in early 2008 that was upgraded to ship with only the 256 MB or the 512 MB flavours of the 8600 GT.

The upgrade kit can be bought in two flavours, one for Mac Pro’s pre-2008 and one designed for the slightly different configuration of Mac Pro’s after the 2008 update. The specs on both are the same, and they are available from the Apple store as well as other outlets.

Mac Pro users have been crying out for an upgrade for some time and hopefuls were cheerful when Apple initially launched the upgrade. However, a bomb was dropped for many Mac Pro users as they found out that the initial upgrade would only work in more recent systems with 64-bit EFI’s. With a huge uproar, Apple promptly halted the release of the 8800 GT until further notice.

Now, the new release is fully compatible with both recent and old Mac Pros. Initial feedback on performance figures don’t seem to point much to an improvement in some games however.