Nvidia Releases Game Ready Drivers For 'Agents Of Mayhem'

Nvidia released new GeForce Game Ready 385.28 WHQL drivers with support for Agents of Mayhem, Crossout, and Killing Floor: Incursion.

Agents of Mayhem is the latest title from Saints Row developer Volition. The game tasks you with assembling a team of three heroes, each with their own unique attacks and "Mayhem" abilities, to fight your way through hordes of enemies. Agents of Mayhem has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek—your squad is part of the Multinational Agency of Hunting Evil Masterminds (MAYHEM), and your enemies are the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations (LEGION). We expect that focus on lighthearted fun to be present from the game's beginning to its end.

The driver released today is meant to make sure your Nvidia graphics card is ready for Agents of Mayhem's release on August 15. Nvidia highlighted the game's support for various features, from capture tools like Ansel to graphics tech like Nvidia Volumetric Lighting, in this video:

This driver isn't just focused on Agents of Mayhem. Nvidia also improved support for Crossout, a free-to-play "post-apocalyptic MMO Action." According to the game's website, you'll have to build vehicles from parts scavenged from a dying world and use them to fight other players. (Just imagine "Mad Max" but with a strange disease known as "Crossout" and an even greater emphasis on vehicular manslaughter.) Crossout debuted as an open beta in May, and Nvidia said in its blog post about this Game Ready Driver that the game already has roughly 3 million players.

Finally, this driver improves support for Killing Floor: Incursion, the upcoming VR entry in the zombie-killing series. The game was supposed to debut alongside the Oculus Touch motion controller, but developer Tripwire Interactive delayed it to August 16. That delay allowed the developer to add support for room-scale tracking and experimental 360-degree tracking, which should make it easier to survive in the zombie apocalypse. (It's hard to survive among the undead when you're struggling to move.) Nvidia didn't say how this driver improves support for the game.

You can install the GeForce Game Ready 385.28 WHQL drivers via GeForce Experience or directly from Nvidia's website.

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  • NaughtyMiroku
    If it's just to improve on those 3 points, why should I get it? I don't play any of those and I know my Gtx 770 isn't going to handle Killing Floor Incursion. Was there any bug fixes or improvements that would be essential to my card? if not I don't really see myself getting a new Driver till I see what the next one holds.