Nvidia’s 'RTX On' Keycap Might Be as Hard to Get as a GPU

Nvidia GeForce RTX keyboard keycap
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has unveiled a custom keyboard keycap, described as a "celebration of GeForce RTX." The tech titan says that the new GeForce RTX Keyboard Keycap will be a perfect way to "show off your fandom." Without a doubt, to a certain section of the PC community, Nvidia's embossed brushed aluminum keyboard implant will very much be an object of desire. However, Nvidia said it won't be a retail product but an exclusive social media/community giveaway.

Nvidia's RTX On keycap reflects light rays in real-time (because it is a real thing in the real world) (Image credit: Nvidia)

As pictured, the Nvidia GeForce RTX keyboard keycap is designed to replace a single standard key, and several promotional shots show it as an Escape key (Esc) replacement. This is a common 'keyboard charm' location, as it is a location where the key can look good without getting in the way of your QWERTY bashing work or play. Some keycap crafters build quite large or elaborate replacement keycaps for the Esc, and by comparison, Nvidia's effort is relatively modest. Nevertheless, it would still probably be a bit of a carbuncle if it wasn't swapped into a location at the periphery of the main input deck.

How to Acquire a GeForce RTX Keyboard Keycap

Nvidia says it will give away GeForce RTX keyboard keycaps throughout the spring and early summer. Interested parties should watch Nvidia GeForce's social media channels to spot rewards and chances to win.

Apparently demonstrating "a passion for games, graphics, and technology" in your social media interactions with Nvidia GeForce will help you with a chance of winning one of these limited edition keycaps.

PC Customization Trend Continues

PC enthusiasts and gamers love to customize their setups. So naturally, the most obvious target of custom craft is the PC case, and this outlet for artisans has become a pretty significant movement over the years. More recently, custom keycaps have come to the forefront, with a cottage industry of suppliers now thriving.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

As a collector's item, Nvidia's new GeForce RTX keycap is going to be quite a treasure, thanks largely to the revered maker and the item's limited availability/distribution. 

Mark Tyson
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