Nvidia Shield Line Will See an Update

The Nvidia Shield has been one of the more impressive dedicated portable gaming platforms we've seen recently, but it's also been out for quite some time. As we all know, technology has a pretty short shelf life. In an interview with Engadget back in October, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that we should expect a second generation of the Shield soon. Now it seems that there's an official FCC filing detailing some of the key bits of the Shield 2. The document refers to the device as the "P2570," very similar to the current Shield's model number of "P2450."

Comparing the two suggests that the update is a sleeker, albeit more aggressive design. It's not much, but the filing shows that it'll run a bit lighter than the original, use a Tegra K1 chip, and likely will have a higher screen resolution. It also seems that the device is finished and ready to go, so it shouldn't be too much longer before we start seeing them on store shelves.

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  • Doug Lord
    I bought the 1st one, it was pretty worthless. No games ever came out that were worth playing.
  • somebodyspecial
    You must be kidding, it runs everything android runs as a straight copy of the OS. Based on reviews that are out there (4.5 stars at amazon etc), you are fairly alone. There were dozens I'd like to play on android last year and more added monthly. I'm guessing if I go look again I'm now likely to have a list of near 100 that are fairly console like that I'm interesting in.

    You're either lying and don't even own one, or I don't know confused about how to get to tegrazone or google's store? It's a highly refined product today, with mapping software, streaming from pc to anywhere now, plays all movies etc (anything android does), music etc, output to tv, res/specs FAR above vita/3ds. I don't get your comment.
  • Zepid
    Who buys a Shield to play shitty mobile games anyway? I want one to stream games from my PC anywhere in the world. That is the real application.