Gamescom 2014: Nvidia Shows Shield Tablet In Action

With its Shield line of handheld gaming devices, Nvidia wants to join the ranks of mobile gaming giants like Nintendo. The second version of the Shield line, the Shield Tablet, is now out, and it features the company's latest Tegra SoC, the K1. Its Kepler-based GPU should be powerful enough to take even more demanding titles to the big screen, and that's exactly what Nvidia was on hand to showcase at Gamescom 2014.

  • lain Iwakura
    so no 880 at gamescon :(
  • ferooxidan
    lol they got a razer blade beside the tablet and stream from it and also using the wireless controller to play. it is easier just to hook up a wireless controller and the display directly to the blade lol. also it is the blade that make it smooth not the tablet. the real demo of what the tablet and tegra K1 can do is the old unreal engine demo. what a great meaningless demo.