Nvidia's Updated TegraZone a Gateway to Buying Tegra Device

Nvidia made an interesting move on Tuesday by making its TegraZone app available to all Android device owners, not just Tegra-based customers.

Typically, Nvidia's TegraZone is the go-to app when customers with Tegra-based devices want to find Tegra-enhanced games on Google Play quickly and easily. These include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Vendetta Online, Dead Trigger and loads more.

Nvidia's app doesn't actually sell games, but merely points customers in the right direction. TegraZone also provides gaming news, game reviews, ratings and comments from other players, making Nvidia's app a valuable resource for gamers with and without Tegra-based devices.

According to the release notes, TegraZone now supports Google Play Game Services, which will provide achievements for downloading games, submitting reviews and/or ratings, and "spreading the word about TegraZone games." The app now uses Google Plus login as well.

The app's release notes also reveal that TegraZone is "enabled for users of non-Tegra devices so they can learn about Tegra and great Android games." Here's the meat and potatoes of the report: Nvidia is looking to entice non-Tegra gamers into purchasing a new Tegra-based device like the Shield or Tegra Note 7.

What's interesting about this app is that it contains a filter that allows users to see which games they own are Tegra-compatible. Thus by scanning through the list, gamers will see what they're missing out on by using a non-Tegra device. Other titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft won't appear in the TegraZone app.

In addition to bringing TegraZone to non-Tegra devices, the updated app, now version 2.9.0, provides support for the Nvidia Shield and the M.O.J.O. console from Mad Catz. TegraZone Collections now allows highlighting of special interest groups of gameplay by feature, genre or publisher. Minor bug fixes are also listed on the release notes.