Nvidia's Broadcast App Can Turn Your Boring Room Into An Expensive Broadcast Studio

Nvidia Broadcast App

Nvidia Broadcast App (Image credit: Nvidia)

As part of its GeForce RTX 30-series launch, Nvidia has announced a couple of new technologies with one of them being the new Nvidia Broadcast app. The essence of the software is to turn ordinary webcams and microphones into smart devices by leveraging AI.

The Nvidia Broadcast app depends on Tensor cores to carry out its job, which means the software is only supported on GeForce RTX, Titan RTX and Quadro RTX graphics cards. The good news is that the program's utility extends beyond streaming games. The Nvidia Broadcast app itself is a plugin so it's compatible with commonly used voice chat and video conferencing software, such as Zoom. 

In a nutshell, the Nvidia Broadcast app offers three principal features: noise removal, virtual background and auto frame. Noise removal builds upon the foundations of RTX Voice and aims to help reduce environmental noises during communication. The cool thing about the feature is that you can apply the filter to your end or on your buddy's end to block out unwanted noises.

In comparison to RTX Voice, however, the new noise removal features comes with a lower performance cost and up to three times more noise profiles.

The virtual background feature works similar to the chroma key technique, but without the need for a green background. In Nvidia's demostration, you can use the feature to blur your background into a bokeh effect or replace the background with a static or animated image or with actual gameplay.

Lastly, the auto frame functionality does exactly what the name says. It automatically zooms in on your face and tracks your head movements so you're always at the center of the frame no matter what you do. As Nvidia put it, it's similar to having your own cameraman.

Nvidia didn't reveal exactly when the Nvidia Broadcast app will be available. The chipmaker tells users to check back this month for a download link.

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