NVISION 08: Palit Makes Good on Failed EVGA GeForce Offer

Palit makes good on GeForce bounty for Jen-Hsun Huang’s signature for two lucky Nvidia enthusiasts.

When it comes to gaming, Chris Fedore and Jorell Santiago are no different than most of the guys and gals here in the BYOC section of NVISION 2008. Like any other enthusiast, they’re both constantly on or near the cutting edge of computer hardware, so it is no surprise that they both run 8800GTX cards in their rigs.

Even today, 8800GTXs are enough to handle any game on the market, but Chris and Jorell have especially interesting video cards running in their systems. Each of their EVGA 8800s (bought in tandem on launch day way back when) and their retail boxes are signed by Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of Nvidia. These

sought-after cards were the apple of EVGAs eye, and the hardware manufacturer supposedly offered $500 for each card, but for some reason made good on the offer.

This sounds like an astounding deal, seeing how the cards are now “obsolete” and the GTX 280 is Nvidia’s new flagship card. But when EVGA never followed through on the deal, despite several advances by the two gamers, it seemed as though they would have to upgrade their cards on their own dime. However, when David Makin from Palit Multimedia heard about what happened, he made an offer that Santiago and Fedore couldn’t refuse. Both gamers gave their cards to Palit in exchange for some Palit GTX 280s.

Both were given special editions of the card, which in lieu of a standard cooler are outfitted with Danger Den nickel-plated water cooling blocks. Palit even threw in a complete Danger Den water cooling system to go with each card. “I am looking forward to throwing the 280 in my system,” said Fedore, “it’s great to see a company like Palit giving back to the enthusiast community when they can.”