Nyko Expands VR Product Lineup With PSVR, Vive Accessories

Nyko revealed at CES that it would expand its VR accessories lineup with products for Sony’s PSVR and HTC’s Vive VR systems.

For over 20 years, Nyko has sold third party accessories for every video game console to hit the North American market. In June 2016, Nyko announced it would dip its toes into the still untested VR accessories market. At the time, the company launched the VR Guardian Bluetooth based VR safety grid system that works with any VR headset, and a wrist band called the VR Motion Band. Nyko is now expanding the lineup with four more VR related products.

Sony PlayStation VR

Nyko announced two charging solutions for Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers. Sony’s solution for motion control with the PSVR is actually an old product that debuted in the days of the PS3. When the PlayStation Move controllers launched, Mini-USB was the prevailing USB interface. The industry moved on to Micro-USB, but Sony didn’t bother updating the PS Move controllers for the re-release with PSVR. As such, you can’t use the same cable to charge your PS Move controller as your DualShock 4. What’s more, if you have a standard PS4, you will only have one free USB port, so you can’t charge both Move controllers at the same time.

Nyko has two solutions for charging your Move controllers. The first option is a Mini-USB cable with a Y-split that provides plugs for two devices so you can charge both controllers off the one remaining USB port on the PS4 console. The Y-split is on an adjustable slider, which allows you to spread the cords out enough to let you play with the controllers while they charge.

Nyko said the cable is universal, so you can use it to power any device with a Mini-USB port. 

Nyko also offers a somewhat more elegant option as well. If you don’t want to fiddle with cables, you can opt for the Charge Block for Playstation VR, which features a drop and charge design. You can plug Nyko’s Charge Block into a wall outlet, or you can tether it to the PS4 via USB. 

Nyko also said you can tether the PSVR Charge Block to the company’s other Charge Block products “to create a clean, universal charging system for all your gaming needs.”

HTC Vive

Nyko’s 20-year history is rooted in the console market, but the VR industry is luring Nyko into the PC market, too.

The Nyko Charge Base for HTC Vive is another drop and charge solution. Nyko designed a dongle that attaches to the USB port on the Vive motion controllers. The dongle is tapered, which lets you drop the controllers into place. The other side of the USB dongle features contact points that form a connection between the Charge Base and your controller. Nyko’s dongle solution isn’t as elegant as VR Mag Docks’ magnetic USB cord solution, though.

The Charge Base plugs into an AC power outlet to provide faster charge times than USB charging offers. The base includes LED charge status lights that let you know when your controllers are fully charged.

The final VR product that Nyko announced isn’t an electronic device, but it could potentially be quite helpful. Nyko revealed the VR Halo protective cover for HTC Vive controllers. The VR Halo is a slip-on cover that adds a layer of protective padding to the Vive wand’s sensor ring. The VR Halo includes holes for all the sensors and doesn’t interfere with any of the buttons on the controller.

Available Later This Year

Nyko plans to sell the Charge Link for PSVR cable for $15, and the Charge Block for PSVR for $20, and The accessory company is seeking $30 for the Charge Base for HTC Vive and $9.99 for the VR Halo protective covers. Nyko didn’t announce release dates for the new VR accessories, but the company said they would all ship later this year.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

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