Nyko's Miniboss Is A Wireless Controller For The NES Classic Edition (Update: Now Available)

Update, 12/13/16, 7:50am PT: The Nyko Minibosss is now available from its own website, as well as online from Amazon and Gamestop. You can also pick one up from a brick-and-mortar Gamestop location, and it's coming to Toy R Us "later this month." The device is $25 from Nyko, but it's just $20 on Amazon. At the time of this writing, it's "out of stock" on Gamestop.

The Nyko Extend Link--a six-foot extension cable for the wired NES Classic controller--is also available, for $10, from the same outlets as above.

Nostalgia doesn't have to coincide with inconvenience. That's why Nyko announced Miniboss, a $20 wireless controller for the NES Classic Edition, as well as a $10 six-foot cable called the Extend Link that triples the reach of the wired controller bundled with Nintendo's upcoming home game console.

The NES Classic Edition is a miniature console that looks like the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It comes with 30 games pre-installed, ranging from Dr. Mario to The Legend of Zelda, and it includes a single controller modeled after the two-button wonder that led the shift away from joysticks. There's just one problem: The controller relies on a wired connection, and that could be a deal-breaker for gamers accustomed to wireless inputs.

Which is where Miniboss comes in. Nyko designed the controller to resemble the original NES gamepad, but it made a few important tweaks to make life easier for people who want to wax nostalgic about Super Mario Bros. without having to use a controller that was originally designed 30 years ago. Those changes include ergonomic buttons, a slightly modified d-pad, and wireless support that allows it to be used from up to 30 feet away from the console.

Nyko described the reasoning behind these modifications in a press release:

“The original NES is a legendary console that so many of us have fond memories of, and we’ve set out to create an accessory that offers what we at Nyko do best - augment the gaming experience with creative design while respecting the charm of the hardware it complements,” said Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “We envision gamers playing the amazing lineup of NES Classic Edition titles on their massive flatscreens at home, which require a little more distance from the screen than the old tube TVs. The Miniboss will allow us to play from the comfort of our couch without having to pull the console out to our coffee table.”

Nintendo made similar changes when it brought the NES into the modern era. NES Classic Edition doesn't rely on cartridges, for example, and its controllers are connected via the same port used by the Wii and Wii U instead of a port modeled after the one used by the original console. Requiring a wired controller--with a cable that reaches only two feet, no less--seems more like a way to keep costs down than a consumer-friendly decision.

Nyko said the Miniboss and Extend Link can be pre-ordered from its website and GameStop's online store. They'll also debut on Amazon and in GameStop's brick and mortar shops "later this month." Nintendo will release the NES Classic Edition on November 11. The console itself costs $60 from Best Buy, Amazon, and Target, among other retailers, and additional NES Controllers will cost $10 a piece.

Nathaniel Mott
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