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NZXT’s S340 Elite Refined For Virtual Reality PCs

Virtual reality hardware is readily available now, and several companies are building hardware components that complement the technology. Even case manufacturers see opportunities to innovate.

Take a look at NZXT’s S340, for instance. The company launched the S340 mid-tower case two years ago in September 2014; it featured elegant styling, a large clear window, a walled-off compartment to keep your power supply and cables hidden, and multiple SSD mounting points that put your drives on display. Fast forward two years, and NZXT is still selling the affordable S340 case, but it now offers a premium edition called the S340 Elite.

The NZXT S340 Elite builds on the standard S340 platform. The company replaced the acrylic window with a 4mm thick tempered glass door and added cable management clamps to ensure that you can make your build as tidy as possible. The S340 Elite also features one additional SSD mount compared to the standard case.

The addition of front accessible VR plugs is perhaps the most notable change to the case design. The S340 featured top-mounted HD Mic, headphone jack, and two USB 3.0 ports; for the S340 Elite, NZXT added two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI pass-through port, which simplifies plugging in a VR headset. It essentially does the same thing as the VR breakout boxes that EVGA and Gigabyte sell.

The S340 Elite also comes with a magnetic cable management device that NZXT calls the Cable Management Puck. The puck is designed to allow you to wrap up the HMD’s cables, and it acts as a hanger for the HMD itself. You can also use it to hang your gaming headset.

NZXT plans to release three color options for the S340 Elite. You will be able to choose from matte black, matte white, or matte black with red accents.

The premium components and added features come at a price, though. The S340 is a relatively inexpensive case that NZXT sells for $70, whereas the S340 Elite carries a price tag of $100. The black version of the case is available now in the U.S. and will be available elsewhere in October. You can pre-order the other two color options, but NZXT did not provide a shipping date for them.