OCZ Intros 4 GB, 2 GHz DDR3 Memory Kit


OCZ claims it is first to market with 2 GB PC3-16000 memory modules offered in a 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) memory kit. As part of the company’s Platinum series, the 2 GHz (1.9 volt) memory devices are rated at 9-9-9 latencies. The company hinted that it will soon be offering PC3-18000 modules in 4 GB kits as well.

Pricing has not been announced. However, 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) kits of OCZ’s Platinum PC3-16000 memory are currently selling for about $300, so expect the 4 GB kit to ring up at least $600.

  • parkardbell486dx2
    holly cow, i would like a pair of those bad boys
  • victorc777
    I would like to know what CPU/Motherboard combo I could buy to use these in...
  • sciggy
    QX9650 and EVGA 790i mobo = DDR3
  • cah027
    Mo Money ! Mo Money! Mo Money !
  • V3NOM
    how reasonably priced is that... 4 gig of ram like 3 times the price of my graphics card or CPU...