OCZ to showcase DDR2-1000 memory at CeBit

OCZ announced that it will demonstrate PC2-8000 memory (DDR2-1000) at the Cebit tradeshow, which takes place from March 9 to 15 in Hannover, Germany. According to the company, the memory will leave headroom for speeds beyond 1 GHz, but declined to provide specifics on the memory's overclocking potential.

OCZ's PC2-8000 products will appear first in the firm's "Gold XTC" product line and will be offered in 512 MB and 1 GB modules, as well as 1 GB (2x512) and 2 GB (2x1024) dual channel kits within the next two weeks, according to Joe Chan, spokesman for OCZ. Pricing information will be released at the time of product launch, Chan said.

PC2-8000 memory is already offered by a few memory manufacturers, including Patriot and Crucial, but is still a rare sight in the market - which is reflected by the prices of the memories. While we have seen Patriot's DDR2-1000 devices selling for as little as $90, Crucial's 1000 MHz Ballistix memory typically lists for $225 to $300 for a 512 MB module. 1 GB versions fetch between $520 and $600, 2 GB kits (2 x 1 MB) currently go for about $1000.