OCZ Expands Vector Series with Vector 180 SSD

In addition to the previously released OCZ Vector 150 and Vertex 460 SSD, OCZ is this week launching the new Vector 180 SSD at Computex. The Vector 180 fits right in with the mainstream solution Vertex 460 and the enterprise targeted Vertex 150.

The Vector 150 comes equipped with a Barefoot 3 controller teamed with Toshiba’s A19 NAND flash. Preliminary speeds are quoted at 550 MB/S sequential read and 100,000 IOPS. One of the main features is the PFAIL data protection, which gives users peace of mind that their information won’t be lost.  The Vector 180 secures your data by writing the contents of the cache in the event of a power failure. Along with the Vector 150, this drive is also aimed at the enterprise users. 

The Vector 180 is available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities. Pricing has not been announced for this new addition to the Vector series SSD but should be available around the end of summer. 

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  • Chris Droste
    hey look! Candy Corn! ...I'm glad they're finally good for something!
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Toshiba Vector.
  • mapesdhs
    Please stop talking about the 150 and 460 as if they're new, because they're
    not. I've had a 150 model (128GB) for several months now.