OilRush Coming to PC, Linux, Looks Stunning

Wednesday Unigine Corp. announced OilRush for Windows, Linux, and the PlayStation 3. The game is a visually impressive naval strategy-tower defense hybrid using the company's proprietary engine. Players take control of construction, upgrading production platforms, and upgrading defense forces while capturing enemy oil rigs and platforms using naval and air units.

"Challenging gameplay takes you through rushing swarms of furious enemies in every battle," the company described. "The winning requires intelligent branching of technology researches and all the variety of tactics you can engage. Multiplayer over LAN and Internet is also available in the game."

The OilRush setting takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where water has flooded most of the world. Oil is in high demand. The planet has become a watery battlefield thanks to the last survivors' "desperate desire to seize control and dominate the enemy." The only way to survive is to keep technological progression moving.

Currently OilRush is slated for a Q4 2010 release. The game will be distributed digitally on the PC and through the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. The Linux version will be released alongside its PC counterpart, however specific digital distributors were not named.

To see the game in action, check out the YouTube video pasted below.

Thanks SAL-e!

  • idoln95
    banshee like helis?
  • joytech22
    holy crud! that game has awesome effects! the smoke and fire isn't just some 2D image like other games with this style of gameplay!
  • Agges
    Uh stupid coming, is post apocalyptic BP part of the game or DLC later?
  • Arethel
    I couldn't help but crack up laughing while watching the trailer. I don't know about anyone else but I found all the commotion around the oil platform to be amusing. Lots of little naval and air craft swarming about meanwhile the oil platform is casually continuing about it's business. I'm thinking, "when is the missile coming?" and then right on cue as if from a B rated movie, kaboom!
  • crisisavatar
    The oil incident was indeed an accident no1 could predict, this following is just another random event.
  • Stifle
    Sounds like a very fun LAN party game, also looks fairly demanding on the hardware side.

    On another note, I believe this will become the new training software for the US Navy
  • drhenks
    So...the oil rig explosion today was a publicity stunt???
  • jhansonxi
    Awesome. I'm expecting a 64-bit Linux version since the engine supports it. Hopefully they have Linux/Windows cross-platform multiplayer support. Extending that to PS3 would be nice but that's probably asking a lot.
  • nightcrawl3r
    I love Ungine Engine. If anyone has seen their Heaven Benchmark 2.1 than you know what that engine is capable of.
  • Kelavarus
    Actually, to be honest, for Unigine, the graphics seen here aren't very impressive. They've obviously scaled it back, their engine is capable of much, MUCH more.