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OnePlus One's 5.5-inch 1080p JDI Display Fits in 5-inch Phone

Continuing its strategy of slowly drip-feeding information about the new One CyanogenMod phone, OnePlus has announced the phones screen size, resolution and type. While this gradual release of information may be frustrating for some (those who just want them to reveal the damn phone already), it’s all part of the strategy to build excitement for the One’s announcement on social media and in the company's forums.

The OnePlus One will have a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 400+ PPI JDI IPS LCD display. JDI is the same company that makes the beautiful screen in the HTC One, so we’re pretty pleased about this announcement. Peter Lau again took to OnePlus’s forums to explain its reasoning behind choosing this screen size and type:

"Complementing those two features will be a beautiful 5.5-inch 1080p JDI display with 400+ PPI. JDI is Japan Display Inc., a joint venture by Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi that’s known for their great displays. In addition, it will feature TOL (Touch On Lens) modules which eliminates the distance between the touch sensor and display panel, while also being 300% more shatterproof than the competing OGS technology.The screen is equipped with both CABC and DRAM technology. This new and innovative technologies sense when the contents on your screen are dynamic, and consume less energy when the image is static, allowing the vivid 5.5” display to consume even less power than normal 5.0” displays with the same brightness.When we first started our journey, we thought users wanted a 5” screen, as it tends to be most people’s reported comfort limit when holding a device. At the same time, other users have been demanding larger screens, so we also understood a bigger screen offers users a better experience when it comes to reading, watching videos and gaming. So, why not fit a 5.5” screen into a 5.0” handset? After a lot of trial and error, our engineers figured it out. Need proof? Believe it or not, there’s a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1, a 5” screen phone that many people have said great things about. The OnePlus One has one of the best screen/front space ratios on the market."

So, by judging from the image of the One under the Z1, it definitely going to be a very compact for a 5.5-inch device, with minimal bezels. It’s also nice to see that OnePlus has also implemented additional technology to help reduce such a large screens power consumption, something the LG G2 does too, and we know the G2 has stellar battery life, despite having a similar sized screen.

Along with this confirmed spec, noted leaker @evleaks announced on twitter that the OnePlus One will have the option of either on-screen or capacitive hardware buttons, which is certainly quite unique. Considering his track record, we can safely assume that this feature will be something the One has.

While we did tell you in our last OnePlus post that we’d have an exclusive interview with OnePlu’s Carl Pei today, unfortunately that has been delayed until Thursday. However, to go along with the interview we will have an exclusive surprise, so check back with us then. For now, you can check out this interesting China Daily interview (in Chinese, so make sure you turn on captions) with Peter Lau, head of OnePlus. In it he really explains the philosophy behind OnePlus:

Continuing their strategy of slowly releasing information about the phone, the next release of info will be on March 16, so stay tuned to Tom’s for that. One would assume the next major spec in line to be announced would be the camera. Looking at the image above, you can also see that after that, there is only one more announcement. Hopefully that will be the actual reveal of the phone!

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