Win introduces compact single-board computer for dual Opteron processors

Single-board computers (SBCs) are gaining popularity in the embedded computing segment as well as in industries that ask for unusual and compact PC form factors. North Andover, Mass.-based Win Enterprises is offering a potent version of a SBC that can accommodate up to two single- or dual-core AMD Opteron processors on a board that measures 13.3" by 5.0".

The board also integrates a Mobility Radeon 9000 (M9) graphics chip with 64 MB of memory, Nvidia's nForce Professional 2200 chipset, two memory slots for up to 8 GB of DDR PC-3200 ECC system memory, as well as three Gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB ports, fours SATA interfaces as well as one x16 PCI Express and one PCI-X slot.

The basic system of the SBC, which will hold one processor, is priced at $1000; including an extension board that will hold the second CPU lists for an extra $250. Not included are remaining PC components, including system memory, hard drive and processors. An ATX power supply, however, is included in the package.