Dawn Of Aziel Update For 'Osiris: New Dawn' Adds New Moon, Skill Tree

Osiris: New Dawn has been in Early Access development since September, but a new “Dawn of Aziel” update drops today. Considered to be the game’s first major update, it includes a new moon to explore, a skill tree, and additional weapons and resources to use.

The new moon is called Aziel, which is mostly a frozen tundra. Compared to Proteus II, another moon in the game, Aziel is three times larger in terms of size. The new celestial body is also home to new resources, but more importantly, other alien creatures that could pose a threat to you and your home base. However, there are some new weapons that you can try out against the alien hostiles, such as the Heavy Assault Rifle. You can also create landmines to trap any wandering aliens or just to simply protect your base from unwanted guests.

The update also introduces a new skill tree system, which will allow you to spend points in the categories of combat, mining, or engineering. However, Fenix Fire Entertainment (the studio creating the game) didn’t provide too much information on it. Considering that the game is still in development, it’s also a safe bet that the skill tree will see new features added over time.

Other highlights from the update include the ability to build the Osiris Armored Mech Unit, which is considered the most powerful weapon in the game. There are now also randomized events that occur throughout your journey that include weather anomalies or crashed satellites. Some of these events might be worth investigating, but make sure you make it back to base in one piece.

Fenix Fire hasn’t announced an official release date for the game, but it did mention in the Early Access FAQ that the entire development process should take a year. However, problems might arise between now and the supposed target date, so it’s best to think of the release window as a goal rather than a guarantee. If you’d like to get it on the action now, Osiris: New Dawn will cost you $24.99.

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NameOsiris: New Dawn
TypeAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Survival
DeveloperFenix Fire Entertainment
PublisherReverb Triple XP
Where To BuySteam
Release DateSeptember 28 (Early Access)