'Team Fortress 2,' 'Half Life 2,' And More SteamVR Games Announced For OSVR

Razer announced the availability of several SteamVR games for the OSVR Hacker Development Kit, including Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 and Elite: Dangerous.

OSVR is an open-standard virtual reality software and hardware platform that was co-founded by Razer. The company’s Hacker Development Kit is designed to offer programmers balance between the quality of the experience and system requirements. We got to see what the kit included back at CES, and the addition of several popular SteamVR game titles gives consumers and developers another compelling reason to give OSVR a try.

In addition to support for fan-favorite titles including Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Elite: Dangerous, other SteamVR games are making their OSVR debuts. A driving game called Live For Speed and another self-explanatory game, Spermination, can also now be stunning (and perhaps disturbing) VR experiences.

Razer’s OSVR Hacker Development Kit version 1.3 is available now for $299. Support for the aforementioned game titles starts today.

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  • gromann
    Wait, Razer is the least expensive option? Did this article get thoroughly fact checked?!
  • therealduckofdeath
    It is a single 1080p display @60Hz, so, that's probably one reason they can keep the price low. The 30 day warranty (dev kit) is probably another reason. :D
  • Brad9201
    It is the cheapest and in my opinion a much better option towards VR supporters rather than oculus the only downside is though it takes minor tinkering to make it work but after you learn it, its a great piece of VR equipment. Factor in its not that popular currently with developers and you have low compatibility rates and the drivers are slightly buggy and you have a reason its priced low. Its definitely a great piece but to the guy above, its low res currently but the face plate is removable so you can upgrade constantly to the higher specs without having to buy a whole new hdk so it's pretty good