'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Goes Live With Over 100 New Cosmetic Items

Overwatch just got a sizable update today with the debut of the new Blizzard World map first announced back during BlizzCon in November. The update also includes a meaty chunk of new cosmetic options, with the introduction of over 100 new items for all 26 heroes, including Legendary and Epic skins in addition to sprays, emotes, player icons, and more. If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump back into the game and spend some of that hard-earned cash on some loot boxes, this is surely it.

Blizzard World is one good reason on its own to spend some time within Overwatch, as it brings a theme park-inspired collection of references to other Blizzard games with it. It’s basically an amusement park with fictional themed “areas” based on Blizzard properties from Diablo to StarCraft, and it’s a fun nod to the games you have lying dormant on your Battle.net account, since you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time trying to grab Black Cat D.Va going forward.

That’s right, Black Cat D.Va is but one of the new Legendary skins you can look forward to unlocking in Overwatch, along with some very cool options like Kabuki Hanzo (if you can include “cool” and “Hanzo” in the same sentence), Immortal Orisa, Barbarian Zarya, and Asp Pharah. As far as Epic skins go, you’ve got the zany Caution Junkrat, fiery Hellfire Reaper, and the particularly awesome Carbon Fiber Zenyatta, to boot. Here’s a complete list of the skins you’ll be able to unlock:

Legendary Skins:

  • Blackhand Doomfist
  • Black Cat D.Va
  • Kabuki Hanzo
  • Asp Pharah
  • Capoeira Lúcio  
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei
  • Immortal Orisa
  • Crusader Reinhardt
  • Butcher Roadhog
  • Magni Torbjörn
  • Nova Widowmaker
  • Barbarian Zarya

Epic Skins:

  • Caution Junkrat
  • Royal McCree
  • Hellfire Reaper
  • Peacock Symmetra
  • Carbon Fiber Zenyatta

Recently, the expansive set of Overwatch League team skins was added to the game as well, which needed to be purchased separately from regular loot boxes. These new cosmetic items can be obtained via regular loot boxes, and will be available from now on outside of any special events. If your wallet hadn’t already been cleaned out from the Winter Wonderland event last month, it may very well be when you get a chance to start nabbing all these new goodies. Overwatch knows how to grab you and keep you interested.

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