'Overwatch' League Skins Coming In January

Overwatch players love obtaining new skins for their favorite characters, and Blizzard will add more of them early next year. These new looks will allow you to represent your favorite esports team in the Overwatch League, but getting them will require the use of a new currency.

According to a video from league commissioner Nate Nanzer, you’ll have to use the new League tokens to get the “home jerseys” of your favorite team, which are available for all characters in the game’s current roster. Nanzer said that proceeds of the purchase “will provide monetary support for teams in the league.”

In the first month following the release of these skins, Nanzer said that Blizzard will provide every Overwatch player on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with enough league tokens to purchase a single esports skin for their favorite character.

Even with the prospect of more skins to collect, Nanzer was mum on additional details about the transaction. Subjects such as the amount of tokens per skin or real-world money required to purchase a bulk of tokens weren’t mentioned in the video. There’s also no word on if Blizzard will allow players to exchange a specific number of existing credits for tokens. With a new season of the Overwatch League starting on January 10, more information about the new skins and currency will be available in just a few weeks.

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