'Overwatch' Gets Spooky With 'Halloween Terror' Event

Halloween is on its way, and Blizzard decided to celebrate the holiday with a new Halloween Terror event for Overwatch. The month-long extravaganza includes new skins for the game's heroes, fresh cosmetic items, and a new game mode that pits four people against zombie robots.

Many people are likely to be drawn to the new skins introduced with Halloween Terror. Gunslinger extraordinaire McCree is now dressing up as Van Helsing. Zenyatta, a floating robot monk who damages foes and heals allies by throwing balls at them, looks like he was ripped straight from an H.P. Lovecraft story. The other costumes make the game's heroes look like vikings, pirates, and other things you expect to see on October 31.

For those who care more about playing the game than playing dress-up with its cast, a new Endless Mode has been added to the Junkenstein's Revenge game type introducing during last year's Halloween event. The mode allows you and three friends (or strangers) to "face endless waves of Dr. Junkenstein's Zomnics along with some of his powerful allies." This year's update also expands the number of heroes you can play in the mode.

These limited cosmetic items and events are par for the course when it comes to Overwatch events. Blizzard just wrapped up the second annual Summer Games, for example, which also introduced new skins and focused on a unique game mode. It appears that the company uses these events to experiment with new things to do in Overwatch... and make sure people grind or pay for a bunch of the event-specific loot boxes.

The good news is that you should get more event-specific items in loot boxes than you would have before. Blizzard recently tweaked the way it generates these distributors of in-game goodies to cut down on the number of duplicates, so if you already have a bunch of stuff unlocked, you're more likely to get something from the event. You can also purchase skins and other cosmetic items using the in-game currency.

Halloween Terror runs from now until November 1.

Nathaniel Mott
Freelance News & Features Writer

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