Via, Intel graphics chipsets to run Vista Aero Glass interface

We are still waiting for the final graphics horsepower requirements that are necessary to run Microsoft's fancy new Aero Glass interface in Windows Vista. However, all the new eye candy may not call for that pricey 256 MB graphics card upgrade we have been expecting: Via today announced a new integrated graphics chipset (IGC) that supports Vista on Core Duo platforms and Intel will be offering a chipset for the upcoming Core 2 Duo that is able to handle Aero Glass.

Via's new P4M900 comes with Chrome 9 graphics core, which offers DirectX 9.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0 functionality. According to the manufacturer, the chipset is powerful enough to display video in 1080p (1920x1080 progressive) resolution and access all animations in Windows Vista. The P4M900 is compatible with DDR2 memory up to 667 MHz and supports processors up to FSB 1066. Via said that the platform is compatible with Core Duo processors. The fact that Intel apparently plans to launch its Core 2 generation on FSB 800 (mobile) and FSB 1066 (desktop), may make the P4M900 a budget-oriented alternative for entry level computers with Core 2 Duo E6000 series ("Conroe") processors as well.

Sources told TG Daily that Intel will be increasing the performance of its next-generation graphics chipset as well. The next IGC based on the Q965 chipset and ICH8-DO southbridge - to be offered with the Core 2 Duo CPU - will receive 128 MB of memory and promises to run all Aero Glass features. Core 2 Duo E6000 series processors will also be offered in combination with the Q963 chipset and ICH8, which apparently will not enable access to Aero Glass.