Iggy And Scorch, Paragon's Hot New Duo, Join The Fray

Paragon’s Early Access Season is in full swing, and we had a blast trying it out last month. A lot can change in a MOBA game within a month, though; Paragon’s latest development is the addition of Iggy & Scorch, a caster duo specializing in lane control.

Iggy & Scorch excel in zoning the enemy team. One of their skills is a Flame Turret, which can keep the enemy lane at bay or prevent ganking from jungle heroes. Iggy & Scorch’s second skill, Oil Spill, provides burst damage and coating an area in oil. Using fire abilities in the spill will ignite the area and any enemies caught in it. Oil Slick will improve Iggy & Scorch’s movement speed and leaves a trail of oil behind them, which can also be ignited using fire abilities. Finally, Flame Belch, Iggy & Scorch's ultimate skill, involves Scorch feeding Iggy a Molotov cocktail, which causes Iggy to spew fire on enemies in front of him. Flame Belch ends with a potent burp that pushes enemies back.

Paragon is currently in Paid Early Access, with its open beta arriving this summer. PAX East attendees can check out Iggy & Scorch and the rest of Paragon’s heroes this weekend at the Sony Playstation booth in Expo Hall.

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  • problematiq
    Yay... another MOBA.. just what i always wanted..
  • f-14
    it's a fun game, i was talking to nubplx about it a few days ago, he's played it for about a week and says it's pretty fun, enough he quit playing LOL, he twitch and streams his play if you care about such things.