'Paragon' Update Changes Map Aesthetics, Adds Auto-Run

In December, Epic Games released a major update for Paragon, its free-to-play third-person MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), titled “Monolith.” Chief among its changes were an overall reduction in map size, increased speed for all heroes, and streamlined statistics for each card used in combat. Now the studio is back with yet another “Monolith” update, and it includes both visual and gameplay changes.

In the first few seconds of a match, you’ll immediately notice the change in scenery on the Monolith map. Both sides of the area, specifically where opposing teams of heroes spawn, are now distinctly marked thanks to the contrast of light and dark colors. In fact, the cleaner, shiny side of the map is called Dawn; the darker, dirtier side of Monolith is called Dusk. The map is demarcated in the middle by a long winding river. The developers also focused on giving the map some verticality. Now you can easily jump between lanes to quickly help an ally or flank a trapped enemy.

The new look also comes with some alterations that could change your gameplay tactics. For instance, the Amber Links, which gathered and distributed card experience points to players, is no more. In a post from September 14, the studio said that it severely affected the overall matchmaking ratio (MMR) and its purpose was a “difficult mechanic for players to fully understand.” In its place is a “green buff,” which provides you with a shield.

Perhaps one of the most interesting additions—and, according to Epic Games, a “long-awaited” feature—is the new auto-run mechanic. With the press of a button, your character can now run automatically throughout the map. This is crucial in the early moments of the game or right after you respawn as you can now use the time to purchase upgrades and plan your team’s next move.

The studio also made changes in other areas, such as the overall economy system during matches, numerous balances for multiple heroes, and alterations for some of the cards’ values. The patch notes are lengthy, to be sure, but you can read it in its entirety on Epic Games’ website.

Even though the studio already released the patch notes, version 0.43 of Paragon won’t be available until September 21. According to community coordinator Chris Attalus, the extra time allows for “more added stability to the build.”

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