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Use Your SSDs In or Outside Your Case, Anytime

Flexibility is key, and Patriot Memory's ConvoyXL delivers just that.

The small little box from Patriot Memory fits in a 3.5-inch standard HDD drive bay and will house not one, but two SSD drives. The coolest part of the housing however, is that it has connectors for both internal and external SATA as well as USB 2.0. The ConvoyXL also supports RAID modes 0 and 1 for either performance or security.

The ConvoyXL will allow you to remove your SSDs out of a SATA configuration and move over to a USB configuration, in case you're on the go, or want to say, transfer files to a notebook computer quickly.

Best of all, the ConvoyXL fully supports hot-swapping not only on the entire unit itself, but you're also able to remove the individual SSDs from the front of the drive.

  • stray_gator
    umm, is it SSD only? doesn't it support 2.5" HDDs?
  • eklipz330
    now i have even more room for my future watercooling setup
  • I wished they would invent a case that could link up with PATA, SATA, zip, and Mini PCIE drives
  • acecombat
    ProDigit80I wished they would invent a case that could link up with PATA, SATA, zip, and Mini PCIE drivesPeople still use Zip drives?!?
  • rockabye
    acecombatPeople still use Zip drives?!?I think so but I don't personally know any.
  • archange
    Nice idea. Most cases out there have useless FDD bays anyway, so why not put them to good use? I just hope prices for SSDs will go down in the near future; I'm due for a storage refresh anyway. Would love two striped SSDs for my file system. Don't even need'em large, 2x32 GB would be more than adequate... I can keep everything else on regular spindles.