PICS: The Dirtiest, Nastiest, Computers Ever

One can never be too clean about their gaming or working environment--or can they?

For many, cleaning their computer isn't the most important thing on the list. Sometimes though, things get really dirty and dust, hair, and other things get clogged up inside PCs. Sometimes it's the environment, but for the most part, it all boils down to self maintenance.

The Register recently posted a gallery of some of the dirtiest PCs they could find. Be warned though: some of the images can be pretty shocking.

How does the inside of your PC look? How often do you clean its innards?

Check out the gallery here.

  • christop
    good god That is dirty..
  • fulle
    I think I'm going to be sick. Those poor machines =(
  • NapoleonDK
    I would break down and cry right now...if I hadn't already seen this numerous times before IRL. I'm SO VERY GLAD I have the full array of filters on my Antec P193!
  • Computer_Lots
    Man, the pic above is an Antec NSK 4480. That's not even a very old case. How'd it get that dirty in such a short time?

    I've been repairing PCs for many years now and I've seen my share of really gross computers. It seams that the nastiest ones are always from either smokers or people with pets. A smoker with a bunch of cats is a nightmare!!!
  • fwiffo
    I used to work at a compaq reseller and we would actually get computers in that had dead bugs and other unmentionables in the power supplies and case fans. Disassembling used computers (especially servers) is a truly disgusting enterprise
  • Makes me hungry.
  • adaman2576
    I know someone with six cats and two dogs. I just laughed at their response: "what do you mean when is the last time I cleaned out the computer". That was a fun day. At least they had an air compresser to use so I didn't have to use 10 cans of air.
  • chrisjust98
    That picture made me cringe. But I've worked on some computers that were worse. Once I found a nest of cockroaches inside.
  • jrivera04
    I've personally worked on a machine that was much worse. It was a computer at a gym and the amount of dust that was in there was insane. I was actually able to remove it in chunks. It resemble insulation because it was so tightly packed.

    The sickest part is that when you realize that 80% of dust is human skin, the machine actually had enough for a hand or foots worth.
  • jerther