Penclic Ventures Into Mechanical Keyboards With The MK1

Swedish company Penclic has only a few products in its roster, which include a tenkeyless keyboard, a numpad, mouse, and touchpad. However, it's adding another product to the list with its first mechanical keyboard.

The company considers the new tenkeyless keyboard, called the MK1, a product targeted for those in the office. The company said it uses Kaihl Brown switches, instead of the traditional (and also more popular) Cherry MX Brown switches. It also features a white-colored backlight with a blue hue.

It uses a 175 centimeter (68 inches) USB cable and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux without the need to install any drivers. However, it should be noted that special Mac functions via keyboard don't work with the MK1.

Its $139.99 price puts it in the competitive range of other mechanical keyboards. However if you're just using it in the office, other keyboards in the same price range, such as Das Keyboard's Model S Professional, include the numpad, media controls, and a USB hub.


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  • SylentVyper
    $140 isn't price competitive at all with it not being RGB.
  • turkey3_scratch
    No $160 keyboard competes with a $15 anyway. The $15 blows it away.
  • Squishygiblet
    $139 for a Ten Keyless Mechanical using K switches is not even remotely competitive. Sorry, whoever wrote this article needs to spend some time on Amazon and Newegg price shopping. $79 Maybe, and that's still a stretch.
  • Urzu1000
    This doesn't make a whole lot of sense for an office. It's "selling points" are literally the deterrent. Expensive, clicky, and lacking a numberpad. At least in my office, I use a numberpad hundreds of times day.

    Why would someone pay more for less? The back light is the only redeeming factor, and even that is useless in an office, as generally, people keep the lights on.