Performance memory reaches 1000 MHz

Chicago (IL) - PQI and OCZ are the first performance memory manufacturers to have reached the 1000 MHz mark with their products. Expect the first PC2-8000 memory modules to be available within the next few weeks.

Mainstream memory makers are currently preparing their transition from DDR2-667 to DDR2-800 as their high-end memory products. Performance memory makers are usually one step ahead with the first two companies announcing DDR2 that is clocked at 1 GHz.

OCZ said it partnered with Asus to create an experimental "P5WD2" board for the high-speed memory. So far, however OCZ's memory is just that - an "experimental" version that cannot be bought in stores. The company did not say when the PC2-8000 may go on sale, but mentioned that it "expects to release the product as soon as possible".

"Being able to achieve 1 GHz data rate in system memory is marking another milestone event for the PC platform that is only possible through close collaboration between system board and memory manufacturers dedicated to constantly raising the quality and performance bar of their product," said Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology Development at OCZ.

Already a step further is apparently Taiwanese performance memory maker PQI. After announcing a DDR2-900 in April, the company announced today 256 MByte and 512 MByte versions of its 1 GHz memory. According to the company, the PC2-8000 modules work together with Intel's 945 and 955 chipsets and were tested for example on Gigabyte's 8I955NXP board. The announced memory is based on standard Infineon DDR DIMMs, runs at 1.9 volts, delivers a bandwidth of 8.0 GByte per second and a latency rating of CL5-5-5.

Pricing and availability of the PC2-8000 memory has not been announced.