Product News Roundup Wednesday, March 26

Here is an overview of products and news that caught our eyes at TG Daily today, but did not make into individual stories: Asus 9" EeePC details, a 256 GB SSD, Ubuntu 8.04 beta, a cellphone with a silicone surface and your very own military plane, sorta. Let's get this one out of the way first. 27 million pounds of garbage ferrous and nonferrous metals is going to be sold in what we believe must be the largest online scrap auction to date. If you have use for the material, you can get your hands on more than 4200 of "end-of-life" military planes, including C-141 Starlifters, A-4 Skyhawks, S-3 Vikings, T-34 trainers and even F-14 Tomcats currently located at the boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The auction will begin on April 21.

Asus EeePC 900:
New details about the next 9" Asus EeePC popped up on the FCC website today and revealed a few surprises: Probably most interestingly, the new EeePC will come with a touchpad that supports with multi-finger gesture support (yup, just like the iPhone). You can find all the details and pictures on the FCC website.

Sanyo PLC-XW60:
Sanyo claims that the new PLC-XW60 is the smallest XGA LCD projector currently on the market. The device weighs about 3.6 pounds and is small enough to be carried "in one hand" 10.4"x2.2"x7.4"). The brightness is rated at 2000 lumens, the maximum resolution is 1024x768. Sanyo said the projector will be available in April for $795.

Motorola WiMax/LTE:
Motorola had much bigger news today, but there was actually an interesting pre-announcement for the firm's presence at the upcoming CTIA Wireless tradeshow. The company said that it has developed a common wireless broadband platform to support both WiMax (802.16e) and (Verizon's) Long Term Evolution (LTE) evolved Node-B (eNodeB). The technology is expected to be deployed in WiMax networks in 2008, while LTE will become available by late 2009, Motorola said. In a related announcement, the company also said that it will demonstrate the industry's first CDMA/EV-DO Rev-A to LTE network handoffs at CTIA.

eProvenance intelligent wine bottle: Well, it's not really an intelligent wine bottle, it's more an intelligent case. eProvenance is offering RFID tags to wine makers, which the company says will authenticate and trace fine wine. A semi-active RFID tag placed inside the case to monitor and record temperatures and improve shipping and receiving operations throughout the distribution chain. A passive RFID tag with a unique code attached to the base of the bottle to automate tracking and inventory management, and discourage pilferage. A proprietary, tamper-proof neck seal with a covert code applied at the base of the capsule to authenticate the wine inside the bottle and thwart counterfeiters. The company said it is currently implementing the technology with nine leading Bordeaux Châteaux.

LG SH240: LG has announced a new HSDPA cellphone in Korea, which is covered with a silicone surface to resemble the feel of human skin. Of the features include a 2 megapixel camera and a 2.2" LCD. There are no plans to make this phone available in the U.S.

Ubuntu Linux:
Ubuntu announced the end-of-life of version 6.10, which was released almost 18 months ago. Support will be provided until April 25. The company recommends users who are still suing this version to upgrade to version 7.04. Or, if you count yourself as part of the advanced user crowd, you can upgrade to the recently released 8.04 beta.

Super Talent 256 GB SSD:
Super Talent today said that it is shipping the world's thinnest 256 GB SATA SSD. The FSD56GC25H comes in a 2.5" form factor with a height of 12.5 mm. According to the company the drive achieves a maximum sequential read speed of 65 MB/s and 50 MB/s write speed. There was no information on the price of the drive. However, the 3.5" version currently sells for prices between $6000 and $8500.