Blizzard: Six "Proven Property" Titles by 2014

Friday during the Citi 2011 Technology Conference, Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl said that Blizzard will release six "proven property" releases over the next three years. These will include two expansion packs for World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2's Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void installments, and the action-RPG Diablo 3. As for the sixth unnamed release, Tipple indicated that it could possibly be a Diablo 3 expansion pack.

As of this writing, Blizzard has not stated anything in regards to the post-Cataclysm expansion packs save for wanting to get them out once a year at the very least. As for the next two StarCraft 2 installments, project director Greg Canessa already indicated that Heart of the Swarm will be available in mid-2012. With that in mind, the StarCraft 2 team may close the three-part series by the end of 2014.

So far there's no set release date for Diablo 3 although the team is shooting for a Q4 2011 release. In fact, they're currently getting ready to launch the public beta in the next several weeks. However, Tippl added that the upcoming action-RPG has not been factored into the company's earnings report expectations for the calendar year, leaving room for a possible delay. Still, an expansion pack is expected to hit retail shelves before the end of 2014.

As for Diablo 3 on console, that version wasn't mentioned and may not even be considered as "proven property" given that the Diablo IP hasn't been seen on a console since the original hack-n-slash title landed on Sony's PlayStation console back in 1998. Blizzard's mysterious "Titan" project is also not considered "proven property" given that it's reportedly a new casual MMO separate from the company's existing properties. That said, the company's list of six seemingly consists of PC-based IPs that are currently active and long-standing.

Naturally Blizzard issued a comment debunking any talk about future projects and their release dates. "We haven't made any announcements in regard to plans beyond our current slate," a representative said in an emailed statement. "Currently, we are focused on the next content update for Cataclysm, the upcoming release of Diablo 3, and continued development on Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm."

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  • iam2thecrowe
    I want a new Warcraft, not WOW, proper Warcraft! Just use the starcraft engine and make a new Warcraft! Is it too much to ask?
  • cypeq
    Blizzard now assumes that all gamers are basement dwellers without life so they don't need lan mode
  • wildkitten
    Proxy711That really has nothing to do with activision pretty much since WoW came out blizzard has released about a game a year. all while developing SC2 and Diablo 3 and titan. those games need to come out some time. like the article said, 2 WoW exp packs (they always do about 1 a year), 2 SC2 installments like was was planed during SC2 development. Then Diablo 3 when its finished and later a exp pack.Not quite a rushed PoS line up for 3 years.

    Really? Other than SC2 please name another game Blizzard has released since WoW was released in 2004? WoW came out November of 2004, BC in January of 07, Wrath in December of 08 and Cataclysm in December of 2010. That's about 1 every 2 years.
  • Other Comments
  • cmaki2008
    Please don't rush the masterpiece that is Blizzard.
  • bak0n
    Until they make a lan playable version of those games I'll never buy one.
  • mianmian
    bak0nUntil they make a lan playable version of those games I'll never buy one.

    I guess you have to wait 70 years.