New Prusa Slicer 2.7 Alpha Update Lets You Edit Objects

Prusa Slicer
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Regular users of Prusa Slicer, Prusa’s 3D printing slicing application, are in for a treat with the new Prusa Slicer 2.7 update. It’s worth noting that this is an alpha release and not an official update. The new alpha release debuts a few new features that we’re excited to see included among the lineup of slicing tools provided by Prusa Slicer.

You might notice the interface looks quite different—this is due to the UI overhaul that made visual changes throughout its design. It also features a gcode editor which lets you directly modify the gcode of a particular print from within Prusa Slicer. Perhaps the most notable addition is the SVG emboss tool which lets you edit 3D objects directly from the slicer now.

There are other minor changes and bug fixes included but our excitement here is in the new tools. In an example video recently shared by the team, we get a look at the SVG emboss tool in which 3D text is created inside of a block that can be printed on its own or wrapped around an object to emboss the text. The text can be raised or used to cut a shape out of the object. You can see the emboss feature in action over at X (formerly Twitter).

In another demo video shared by the team at Prusa, we get a look at the SVG emboss tool and, in this case, how it can be used to create a standalone object. The demo shows how a new object can be created and edited with things like text as well as a QR code. The final object can be printed as is or modified again.

There are more details about the new 2.7 Alpha release provided in the official documentation on the Prusa GitHub page. There you can find a complete breakdown of each new feature as well as some of the more minor changes that are coming in the latest release.

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