Some People Are Smashing Their PS4s Right After Purchase

Sony's PS4 just launched at midnight last night, and a lot of people waited in line to make sure they got a console on day one. While poking around on YouTube for launch night videos, we came across multiple clips of people smashing their PS4's right outside the store that sold them their new console.

If you didn't manage to get one, don't watch the videos below. It's not worth the rage. Heck, even if you did get one or don't want one, you might not want to watch them. Unless you find wastefulness and buckets of crazy really appealing. Then go ahead. So far we've only found three people (though, in true YouTube fashion, each one has been uploaded numerous times). Is there more? Is this a thing? What is motivating people to smash their $400 console minutes after they buy it? We're confused. Although we kind of admire those risking injury to sneak in and grab the removable hard drives from the rubble.


Kid Smashes Brand New Sony PS4 With A Bat Outside Best Buy Orlando! Crazy XBOX Fan

Ps4 Unboxing turns into a smashing

Luckily, the PlayStation 4 is really easy to fix... though something tells us that these are beyond repair.

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  • donovands
  • Damon Palovaara
    People do crazy things. Probably a bunch of publicity stunts
  • ingtar33
    it must be nice to have $400+ of disposable income to waste like that.