DISASSEMBLED: Inside the Sony PSPgo

The upcoming PSPgo isn't even released yet, but somehow someone managed to get ahold of an early unit. Rather than just enjoy the exclusivity of having the newest Sony portable gaming hardware, some eager tinkers from China decided to take it apart.

Below are some of the scenes inside the upcoming PSPgo:

For a more detailed look at the internals, check out Levelup.cn.

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  • jarnail24
    I still have the original psp 1000 and until they actually come out with a new psp its just not worth upgrading. Especially considering this is just a psp with no umd and the price is 80 dollars higher.
  • Greg_77
    Is their any information on whether the older PSP models will be able to take advantage of the new down-loadable games? That's all that matters to me.
  • dtemple
    From what I understand, the only thing that they're making that's not compatible with older PSP models is the "PSP Minis" which are minigames at under 100MB each, which cost less. Every full UMD game released after the PSP Go is released to retail... will be available in downloadable form. That's a good thing for those of us who have older PSPs, cuz we'll still be able to download and play new games as long as we have a big enough memory stick.
    And no, the PSP Go is not just a PSP with no UMD drive, with an $80 higher pricetag. It has 16GB of internal memory. 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo costs over $80, so for new adopters of the system, it would be worthwhile if all you planned on playing were downloadable games. The only downside is that used UMD games are cheap and fun!