Computex: Coolermaster Launches 80plus Silver PSU

The list of 80plus manufacturers currently holds as many as 80 power supply manufacturers and vendors. Coolermaster is the first mainstream PSU manufacturer to offer a product, which reaches 88% efficiency and hence falls into the 80plus Silver category.

While many users are familiar with the 80plus logo, there are actually four different flavors. 80plus is reached once efficiency remains at 80% of higher at 20%, 50% and 100% power load. 80plus Bronze requires 82%, 85% and 82" efficiency at the same 20%, 50% and 100%. The 80plus Silver standard, as reached by Coolermaster’s new UCP 900W, has to maintain 85%, 88%, 85% and 80plus Gold can only be reached at 87%, 90% and 87% power efficiency. No power supply unit has ever reached this yet.

Coolermaster’s new UCP 900W (RS900-AAAA-A3) is an enthusiast-class product, where UCP stands for Ultimate Circuit Protection. It is ATX12V and EPS12V compliant. All voltage regulators work based on DC to DC, and Coolermaster only uses solid capacitors together with a so-called soft-start circuit.

Read the full press release.

  • draxssab
    I wonder when we'll see a 80+ Gold PSU, and who will make it!
  • Pei-chen
    If this PSU is a 400~450w unit it'd be perfect for the average gamers that have a single mid/high-end video card.