Purism's Librem 13, 15 Laptops Reach Funding Goal, Tablet And Phone Could Come Next

Purism’s Librem 13 laptop with Qubes OS reached its funding goal on Crowd Supply. A similar 15” notebook from Purism, the Librem 15, has also managed to reach its funding goal, and both notebooks should now be moving into the next stage of development.

A key feature of these notebooks is the Qubes OS operating system, which attempts to protect your PC and personal information by compartmentalizing the system with “light” virtual machines. We discussed this aspect of the system in detail when Purism began its crowdfunding campaign earlier this month.

The Librem 13 is the 13.3-inch model and comes with a 1080p display, mobile Intel Core i5, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB HDD. The system also has a 48 Wh battery, which Purism claimed can last up to 8 hours.

The Librem 15 is a higher-end system with a 15.6-inch 4K display. The system has a faster Broadwell i7-5557U CPU clocked at 3 GHz and a more powerful Iris Pro Graphics 6100 iGPU. The rest of the system specs are similar to the Librem 15, with 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB HDD. A 48 Wh battery is used on this system as well, but Purism claimed it will last only up to 6 hours.

Both systems also include several special kill-switches to shut off various parts of the system that could be used to collect information on whoever is using it. Purism stated that, “The Librem laptop computer features privacy 'kill switches' to physically shut off the camera, microphone and data connection, deterring data thieves, spies, cyberstalkers and hackers.” These kill switches can optionally be removed, which will reduce the system cost by $89, but as both of these systems exist primarily to give you great control over your system security, we imagine most people would choose to keep them.

Although Qubes OS is one of the primary features of the system, you can optionally order either notebook with Pure OS or with no OS installed at all. The systems that come with Pure OS also include several other programs from Purism, including Purism's office suite and PureBrowser. Hundreds of other compatible programs are also available for download.

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Purism Librem Notebooks
SystemLibrem 13Librem 15
Display13.3” 1920x108015.6” 4K (3840x2160)
CPUIntel Core i5 Dual-Core (4 Threads)Intel Core i7-5557U dual-core (4 threads) 3.0 GHz
GraphicsIntel HD 5500Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6100
Memory4 GB (Up to 16 GB)4 GB (Up to 32 GB)
HDD500 GB (Up To 1 TB SSD)500 GB (Up to 1 TB SSD)
Battery48 Wh48 Wh
Connectivity & Input Devices1 x USB 3.01 x USB 2.01 x HDMI1 x RJ451 x 802.11n Wi-Fi Adapter1 x 720p Camera1 x Headphone jack1 x SDXC Card Slot1 x USB 3.11 x USB 3.01 x HDMI 2.01 x 802.11n Wi-Fi1 x 720p Camera1 x Headphone Jack1 x SDXC Card Slot
Dimensions (L x W x H)12.75” x 8.62” x 0.70”14” x 9.6” x 0.86”
Weight1.4 Kg (3.0 lbs)2.0 Kg
Starting Price$1,624$,1949

Both systems are available now for pre-order, but an exact release date has not been set. Purism said that that if these notebooks are successful, the company will begin working on additional projects such as a Librem tablet and phone.

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  • Denis_6
    that is one small laptop! maybe i will get one for my wife while in jail
  • razor512
    Horribly overpriced, and uses the anti-consumer design practices present in some of the more established computer manufacturers. It is literally the worst of all worlds. Hardware far worst than the established manufacturers when you consider the price. Beyond that, they are a new company that has no track record. It is the worst possible investment from a consumer standpoint.

    You can end up with a system that loses all warranty support over night, along with system updates.
  • hoofhearted
    And I bet it can't even play Crysis.
  • ATL_Tech_Guy
    ... so if Windows 10 already does virtualization compartmentalization, what am I buying ?
  • DrakeFS
    ... so if Windows 10 already does virtualization compartmentalization, what am I buying ?

    Probably buying for the "Not Microsoft" part. This seems to be Linux on top of Xen (the project site doesn't really describe what Qubes OS actually is). Again though, being a gamer makes this OS mostly useless to me (less so than Linux, no GPU support for apps). Then again, this OS is probably not for me. I do not need to be that secure in my day to day computing.
  • Ed Chombeau
    Why would anyone want this. ----just to say lookie at what I have?---I don't want to waste time on something that has NO reliability rating or performance review.

    Why is this on here whithout any reviews????