QOTD: How Much Would You Pay for Uncapped Net?

With all the commotion circling around Time Warner Cable and other companies, it's no surprise that customers and enthusiasts are up in arms over connection caps.

Because of the improvements--although slow--we've had over the years, many great services have popped online, and people are doing many things online today then was even thought possible a decade ago. But now, net connection capping threatens to turn back time and put things like streaming, cloud computing, rich media services, game/software publishing and other content into slow motion.

The question of the day is: How much are you willing to pay for an uncapped connection?

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  • cataclymistic100
    No more than I pay now!
  • Anonymous
    I see no reason why I should have to pay any extra than the $50 a month I already pay, frankly. As soon as FIOS comes to my area, I'm upgrading...
  • wormy
    I shouldnt have to pay for uncapped...there is NO REASON why I should have to pay...I'm already paying like 89.99 a month for 16mb/1mb so if they arent losing money on me then why should I have to fork over more money when myself using tons of bandwidth r still a profit to them...its like I gave them a cookie...now they want all my cookies just bc they know I dont have a choice but to give it to them...and even if I am cutting their profit margin by being a user who uses tons of bandwidth...they are making it all back bc of the people who pay them 50 bucks a month and check email with it who r the majority of their users

    This is bull$h1t PERIOD!!!
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  • john_smarty
  • mlcloud
    I lived in Korea for the longest time. ~$35 for 100mbps parallel connection please?

    Haha, returning back to reality, the price really depends on speed, but if there were two packages offering capped and uncapped... it would still depend on how capped the capped package is.

    For example, I wouldn't pay much more for 250gb vs uncapped, whereas 20gb vs uncapped would pull about another thirty $$$ a month from my wallet.
  • crisisavatar
    30$ with speeds nearing 3 mbps which is what I currently have and as a gamer is more than enough.

    That aside I don't mind paying around 50$ for higher speeds ( 20 mbps perhaps ? ) if I ever find myself with a need for it.