QOTD: What Would You Suggest Apple Do?

There are a lot of things that make Apple a great business, but then, there are a lot of things that people don't like about Apple either.

Regardless, Apple's existence in in the computer ecosystem is good for competition. No doubt, a lot of manufacturers are taking cues from Apple's styling department. For example, both Dell and HP have chased after the design cues of the MacBook Air.

But Apple's got some issues. This week, analysts reported that Apple took one of its biggest market hits ever and in fact, lost that 1-percent market share that it worked so hard to capture.

The question of the day is: As a PC/Windows user, what would you suggest to Apple to make it more competitive?

The trick here is, what would you suggest to Apple to grow the business, while at the same time preserve Apple's brand?

  • Nik_I
    the only way i'll ever use anything apple is if they open up their operating to be usable legally on a pc. that's about it.
  • dedhorse
    License OSX.

    Or at least offer some alternative for entry-level users.
  • IzzyCraft
    Allows other companies like dell etc to make macs. Really if mac osx is such a great os so much better then pc then why the so call "quality control" instead of opening it up for the greater public not everyone needs a pearl white mac.
  • jsloan
    offer competitive pricing by getting rid of apple tax.

    embrace hackintosh by decoupling osx from apple hardware, sell os for any pc that supports minimal configuration

    offer unlimited access for itunes and unlimited download for ipod, like available for other players.

    stop making it hard for hardware and software vendors to integrate ipod

    allow ipod to play wma (drm) encoded multimedia content, music and videos.

    replace objective-c with java, it's much easier and there are more tools and larger community of developers.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Not much, they seem to be doing just great right now. I would like them to hurry up and nudge up the processors for the price points in the Mac Pro range though. They should also discontinue the white MacBook and bring the Alu MacBook down to the White MacBook's price point. Of course, these are things that *will* happen soon enough anyway.
    The 'market share' loss is due to the vast number of netbooks swamping the market right now. The profit on netbooks is bugger all though and would not be worth Apple's R&D costs. I'd also like them to release a new 30" ACD, its been a while.
  • jsloan
    forgot, sell to ibm...
  • simplyderp
    Nik_Ithe only way i'll ever use anything apple is if they open up their operating to be usable legally on a pc. that's about it.
  • tomich
    Low prizes... i can't buy a mac, but maybe i can buy better hardware(much better) and just install linux /original windows/pirated windows/ whatever i want... It's not mac hardware anymore.. its just super prized operating system, we already have windows for that. I want you to offer low cost hardware and/or low cost operating system or any other low that may affect the final prize of your computers. it's not about gaming, or running this or that other program.. gaming on linux sucks too, but is free.. and BECAUSE its free, we now can use a lot of programs or virtualize them.
  • Joe_The_Dragon
    HAVE A REAL DESKTOP MID TOWER for $800+ or maybe core i7 for $1000 - $1500+
  • gosefroba
    the thing that apple does not understand, at least what i think, is that they have a great product, but they act as if they have the noses up in the air, which is good for that 1 percent of the market that can afford it!