Rapoo's V900 Gaming Mouse Might Be A Winner

Rapoo, a manufacturer of peripherals that are normally geared to office applications, has announced a gaming mouse called the V900, and aside from the browser navigation buttons, it has an ambidextrous design.

The V900 comes with a black body with rubber grips and has LED-lit accents on the body and the scroll wheel. The lighting can be customized with 16 million color options.

As far as specifications go, the mouse comes quite lavishly equipped. It packs an 8200 DPI VPro gaming sensor with a V-Power3 gaming chip and a 32-bit ARM processor. The sensor is capable of tracking with up to 30 Gs of acceleration and speeds of up to 3.8 meters per second for very twitchy gaming. The lift-off distance is also customizable and can range between 1 to 5 mm to suit your tracking style.

Also built into the mouse is a bit of onboard memory for macros, although the mouse doesn't have that many switches. You'll find the standard left and right mouse buttons (which have Omron switches), two browser navigation buttons, a clickable scroll wheel and a DPI switcher.

Based on the specs, the Rapoo V900 looks like an excellent gaming mouse, and the appearance is subtle enough to appeal to a large audience. Priced at $62 on Amazon, Rapoo might just have a winner on its hands.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • eodeo
    A mouse not capable of setting per button+ per application setting/dpi is not worth my time, regardless of hardware it uses.

    A modern mouse must be able to adapt to application I'm using on the fly and remap all buttons and speed in a way I've specified once. Failure to meet any part of this classifies the mouse as casual.

    Good hardware alone is not enough for a good mouse.
  • StormyIV
    I decided to give this mouse a try and was sadly disappointed. The v900 is slightly heaver then my CM Recon and doesn't glide across the mouse pad as easily. My main gripe though is if your hand gets even remotely sweaty it will start sliding off the mouse so you constantly have to keep re adjusting your hand so it stays on the mouse. The software is easy enough to use and you can set the dpi between 100-8200 which was the main reason I purchased it.