Raspberry Pi 4 Graphics Driver Update Improves 4K Output

Raspberry Pi 4
(Image credit: The MagPi Magazine)

The Raspberry Pi 4 has been the main topic of many electronics hobbyists and a plethora of software developers that love the platform. The Raspberry Pi 4 introduced two micro HDMI ports, with a single port offering 4k 60 Hz, and both ports providing up to 4k 30 Hz. According to the latest round of patches submitted by Maxime Ripard, we are soon going to receive improved support for 4K 60 Hz resolution using Broadcom VC4 processor and HDMI.

As per the original Phoronix report, the Broadcom VC4 kernel Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) has seen major work to support the 4K resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The Broadcom VC4 is the fourth iteration of Broadcom's VideoCore low-power, mobile multimedia accelerators. It is essentially a series of graphics cards that are designed for low-power devices.

The developer trying to bring support to the Linux kernel, Maxime Ripard, has revised the DRM of the VC4 for the seventh time and he submitted the changes to the public Linux repository. It is unlikely that the support will land on the upcoming Linux kernel version 5.15, as the DRM cut-off period for this release has ended. However, we could see it in the upcoming kernel revisions.

An important thing to note is that 4K 60 Hz support for VC4 is only for the HDMI port found on the Raspberry Pi 4 module with BCM2711 SoC, and newer variants of the Raspberry Pi platform.