Raspberry Pi 400 Mod Uses Mechanical Keys

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Spencer)

The Raspberry Pi 400 was recently released and the Pi community has already started modding! This creation comes to us from a maker named Spencer.

As soon as the Raspberry Pi 400 was announced, he had the idea to mod the new keyboard PC to use mechanical keys. This is the first edition of the project with plans underway for 3D-printable upgrades in the future.

For this mod, the Raspberry Pi 400 is placed inside of an Anne Pro 2 keyboard. There's room for the Raspberry Pi 400 PCB and even enough space for the battery. The Anne Pro 2 uses Bluetooth to connect to the Raspberry Pi and has an accessible USB-C port on the back so it can still operate as a normal keyboard.

Spencer also plans to include a cover for the keyboard with a built-in screen so the operation becomes a Raspberry Pi 400 cyberdeck!

In the project page, he mentions plans to share future project STL files so you can recreate this project from home. Be sure to follow him for more updates and future Pi projects. 

Ash Hill
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