Maker Uses Raspberry Pi 400 for Amiga Project

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Chris Garett)

Many makers in the Raspberry Pi community have a soft spot for retro hardware. When we saw Chris Garett's cool Amiga Raspberry Pi 400 setup, we knew we had to share it.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is the latest board released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Check out our Raspberry Pi 400 review for an in-depth look at what's inside and see how well the new hardware performs. This new device is a full-sized keyboard with a Raspberry Pi inside—reminding many users of older computers like the Commodore Amiga 500.

This project is essentially PiMiga running on the Raspberry Pi 400. If you're new to retro PC emulation, check out our guide on how to emulate amiga on systems like the Raspberry Pi.

This project is easy to recreate at home. You can check out Garett's website, Maker Hacks, for more details and instructions on how to install PiMiga on the Raspberry Pi 400.

If you want to see what the Raspberry Pi is capable of, check out our list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects to see some of the greatest creations the maker community has to offer. 

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  • TerryLaze
    If you can't stuff a floppy into the right side of it it aint no Amiga.
  • herrwizo
    Without guru meditation errors it also ain't no Amiga :D