DIY Raspberry Pi Game: Bendy Bar 5000

(Image credit: theworldasiseeitnow)

If you're stuck at home like Reddit user Theworldasiseeitnow, now is a great opportunity to learn a little Python and script a custom game for the Raspberry Pi. Theworldasiseeitnow shared a new Raspberry Pi project this week affectionately dubbed the Bendy Bar 5000.

The game operates using a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4. The player must carefully move a metal ring from one end of the bar to the other without touching it. If the metal ring makes contact with the bar, a buzzer will sound and the round is considered a loss. He also included an LED timer to add a little more pressure.

In the original post, Theworldasiseeitnow shows off the hardware used in the project. Everything is built on top of a Raspberry Pi and connected to a couple of breadboards using a T-Cobbler module. The LED timer is essentially a line of LEDs that turn off one by one as time progresses. They also flash when a loss has occurred.

If you'd like to see the Bendy Bar 5000 in action, check out the full post on Reddit. Be sure to keep an eye on Theworldasiseeitnow for more fun Pi projects. 

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer at Tom's Hardware US. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting.