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Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster Costs More Than $5,000 to Build

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Skynet Network)

Just when you thought one Raspberry Pi was enough, Skynet Network stepped up with this awesome Raspberry Pi cluster project. According to Skynet Network, it’s dubbed the Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster and costs more than £4,000 (approximately $5,372) to build.

The best Raspberry Pi projects typically have at least one Pi but this one has 83. As impressive as that sounds, the original plan was to pack it full of 100 Raspberry Pis. However, network latency had too much impact on performance for that many to be practical.

The cluster is constructed primarily using Raspberry Pi 3Bs but a single Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W was included, as well. Each Pi is fitted with a heatsink to keep the operation cool. There are two uninterruptible power supplies and two ProSafe switches that connect all of the Pis.

While many Pi clusters tend to run Kubernetes, Skynet Network explains that each Pi in this cluster is running its own VPN and has a unique IP address. Around 55 of the Raspberry Pis are connected to the network wirelessly but 25 of them are hard-wired to the switches.

To get a closer look at this cluster and see it in action, check out the demo video shared to YouTube by Skynet Network.

  • zoltran
    We learned the answer why it is not in stock.
  • Bonzadog
    Admin said:
    Skynet Network shows off his huge Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster made with over $,5000 worth of parts and more than 80 Raspberry Pis.

    Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster Costs More Than $5,000 to Build : Read more
    This looks like an interesting project that I would like to do with only 4 Rpis ( at first).
    However what OS is needed and can Python deal with multiprogramming and Multitasking?
    Any suggestions for reading material are most welcome.
    How does one split a Programme to cope with "N" RPis?