This Raspberry Pi Remote-Control Robot Keeps Itself Upright

(Image credit: Rockaholic1105)

A lot of people have turned to technology to protect their homes, including the use of smart cameras and apps. A maker known as Rockaholic1105 is taking a more creative approach in its attempts to create an autonomous security robot running on Raspberry Pi. Although still a work in progress, Pinkie, as the creator dubbed the bot, is already able to move via remote control. 

Shared on Reddit, Pinkie relies on an MPU6050 sensor, which uses a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer on the same chip, to detect its current angle. The bot also uses an Arduino Nano as a dedicated clock in the PID loop. This continuously checks every 20 microseconds for position information. The Raspberry Pi uses Node-Red programming tool to pass control serial data to the Arduino Nano.

The Raspberry Pi here is also used to implement the remote control features. Pinkie can move forward and backward and steer in different directions. Using a Pi is also ideal for adding new features as Pinkie develops into a full autonomous security bot.

Rockaholic1105 already has plans for new features, including facial recognition, heat sensors and even a smoke detector. The robot project can use the Pi to transmit real-time alerts with any of the sensor data. There are also plans to 3D print some safety bumpers to protect the hardware from accidental bumps. 

For more updates on this project, follow Rockaholic1105 on Reddit.

Ash Hill
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