Raspberry Pi Pens Wolfram Partnership for Free Mathematica

Raspberry Pi might be huge among the developer community, but the teeny computer was originally intended for the educational market. The fine folks behind the Raspberry Pi Foundation wanted to make it possible for kids to learn how to code and build their own computer. As such, RPF's latest collaboration makes a lot of sense.

The charity today announced a new partnership with Wolfram Research that will see a free copy of Mathematica and the Woldram Language into future Rasbian images.

"We believe this will make the Pi a first-class platform for teaching CBM techniques to children of all ages," Raspberry Pi's Liz Upton wrote today.

Current Raspberry Pi users won't be left out in the cold either. As long as you have at least 600 MB of free space on your SD card, you can install both Mathematica and Wolfram Language by typing "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine."

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  • nss000
    Gawdsakes button yo knickers. Perhaps 13% of all humans **CAN** program and roughly SQr-root want to ... that is 3% of the student population can+will program. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

    'Course no denying pervo educators & the mutant slice --- raspberry-Pi may well fill that 3% niche ... though 9-yo kids are prolly far better off out terrorizing turtles and robbins in the local wood-lot.
  • meowmix44
    I use the Pi to turn old t.vs into smart t.vs... Not to program! XBMC FTW!
  • The_Trutherizer
    Surely the pcb's of modern smartphones are cheaper to produce. Have more processing power including graphics and use less electricity.

    You have to wonder if companies like Apple or Samsung will ever deign to give the designs for the older models away for good causes like this.

    I mean both the original iPhone and the Galaxy S should be able to kick this thing's butt.
  • devBunny
    "We believe this will make the Pi a first-class platform for teaching CBM techniques"

    Where CBM is something so well known that it needs no explanation.

    For anyone wondering, its Coal Bed Methane, and Wolfram turns your Raspberry Pi into a fracking excellent mining tool.

    Hmmm, maybe not, after all the article does mention teaching children. It must be Comic Book Movies. Plenty of maths there.
  • gmuser
    I could guess, based on article, that CBM = Computer Based Math

    In fact, googling that out turns: http://www.computerbasedmath.org/
  • jgheuser
    I for one quite happy with this announcement. Obviously, there are many different people using the Pi for different purposes. We need more people to be thinkers and innovators when it comes to technology and to that end the most important purpose of the Pi is to inspire to learn more about computers in general. It's only the luddites that it's too complicated or give up in frustration because they can't figure it out five minutes flat.
  • howard69
    TinyBasic and PyPy/Python are on the raspbpi.
    good places for kids to operate